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Kevin Fortier

Owner, AEO | Project Development Division

Proudly founded by Kevin Fortier, Lexia Real Estate offers you a service that meets your expectations in commercial real estate. Lexia Real Estate relies upon a dynamic team driven by its core values – passion, expertise and integrity – thus enabling you to complete your leasing or commercial acquisition projects. In addition to offering you unparalleled service, our ground-breaking tools will allow you to work on your projects with effective strategies.


Kevin Fortier has worked in the real estate industry for over 20 years. Over the years, Mr. Fortier has developed solid expertise in commercial transactions. His great passion, perseverance, and unparalleled work ethic have led to several achievements. With the success of his clients as a top priority, there is no doubt that Kevin will always offer the best services.

Christine Niquette

Owner | Property Management Division

Christine Niquette has been a management partner with Lexia Real Estate since January 2017.


After working for more than 15 years in the health industry while quickly gaining access to increasingly strategic positions in leading companies, Christine decided to dedicate herself full-time to her own business. Passionate about her work, she undertakes each project with a rare enthusiasm and always adheres to her values from start to finish. Her interests are varied, and she is a versatile individual; it would not be surprising to see her diversify further her activities.


Those who interact with Christine also notice her integrity and her impeccable ethics. Her efficiency and time management skills are also greatly appreciated, making client files progress with each of her actions.


This sales professional and property manager shows a positive, contagious attitude and exceptional leadership at all times.

Martine Thériault

Real Estate Broker | Real Estate Agency Division

Martine Thériault joined Lexia Real Estate in March 2017 and has over 20 years of experience in various real estate sectors. Her versatility combined with her commitment to excellence has paved the way for an exceptional background. Martine, a woman of action, is extremely involved in her work. Her expertise in commercial real estate speaks for itself. She will be an important asset for the realization of projects and business development.

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